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You may wonder

What is Life Coaching?

A life coach is someone whose job involves helping people to improve their lives by doing challenging or worthwhile things. - Collins Dictionary

What Is Life Coaching

My aim as a Transformational Life Coach is to hold the space in such a way that you are able to focus on what’s most important to you and I do this by actively listening, helping you identify your goals, and asking powerful questions that activate a shift in your perspective. This mindset shift will allow you to take new actions resulting in achieving positive change. Don't worry, I'll be there to support you every step of the way through supportive, personalised accountability and tools to help you overcome any challenges along the way.  Action is the keyword here, and vital for reaching the transformational results you are searching for.

How is coaching different from counselling or therapy?

Counselling and therapy tend to be a long-term process with a focus on the past and how you got to where you are now, so you can heal past emotional and mental wounds. It's more introspective in nature. Life Coaching is more future-focused and goal-orientated and is about taking you from where you are now to where you want to be.  

Why it works

We live in such busy times so it's not always easy for individuals to create the space to really think about what they ideally want or how to change their current situation, never mind how to move in the right direction. The constant looping of thoughts can be frustrating, and confusing and erode your confidence.

Transformational Coaching creates a framework to help you step out of that space and move into a solution-focused, action-orientated mindset.  The coaching-client relationship is like no other you will experience. It's a safe space held just for you, to really get back in touch with what you want and how to get there. A space where you are supported to imagine your ideal life.

A skilled coach will help you discern what's working and what's not and ask empowering questions to help you find your own answers. 


Essentially coaching is holding the space for you to have a game-changing dialogue with yourself. This facilitates the creation of inspiring, aligned, and measurable goals that propel you toward affirming change. 


A good coach will support you every step of the way to navigate the obstacles that you will inevitably face when moving in a direction you have never been in before. These obstacles will be internal and external and life coaches are equipped with the tools and skills to help you deal with these. This is key to keeping you moving in the direction of your aspirations and ideal self and often where people get stuck when going it alone. 

Transformational coaching helps you live a better, more authentic, and fulfilling life and is a true gift to give yourself. 

Is Coaching right for me?

Transformational Coaching is ideal for you if you have a growth mindset but you are currently feeling stuck, at a crossroads, or overwhelmed. You’ve lost clarity and feel confused, and unsure of the direction you should be going. Maybe you’ve been trying to move forward on your own, but keep getting blocked by the same obstacles. 

If this resonates with you then engaging the help of a coach to help you clear the fog, gain clarity and get you moving in the direction of your aspirations again would be invaluable.

Life Coaching is right for you if you’re:

  • Ready for change

  • Excited to invest in yourself

  • Open to stepping out of your comfort zone

  • Willing to take action

  • Ready to let go of the fears that are holding you back

  • Prepared to challenge your current thoughts and beliefs

  • Willing to work on overcoming obstacles

  • Ready to awaken and honour the needs of your authentic self

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