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I'm Jennifer Corren, a Soul-Centered CEO, Transformational Life Coach, and Artist.  I am an Inspirer Motivator. It's my gift. I live to encourage and help you find your way to a better life. A more fulfilling life, the one of your dreams. I am here to show you it's possible.


My aim as a Transformational Coach is to arm you, beautiful brave soul, with the knowledge and tools to move you on from any challenge you face and help you soar to new heights. I do this by taking you through my proven system, step by step. 

I live my life with courage and have spent a lifetime searching for the primary essence of being happy and living a life full of creativity, freedom, joy, and meaning. I have lived through and found solutions to just about every challenge a person can face.

Today, I am delighted to say that I get to live a truly wonderful, value-driven, adventure-filled life, with fulfilling relationships, work I am passionate about, and the confidence that I can achieve anything. My purpose is to share these tools with you so you too can live the life you’ve always imagined.

Training and Experience

I am a qualified Professional Coach and hold a Diploma in Health Science – (Holistic Counselling) as well as over 20 years of experience as an actor in the entertainment industry. Always having had two distinct parts to me, one creative and the other a helper. I chose to live both my passions, committing to my life fully, as a multi-passionate person. (Yes, it's okay to be multi-passionate!) I love helping people and being creative and the skills I have developed as a result of my creative career are invaluable in the coaching arena.


I have learned how to overcome rejection, maintain confidence even in the most high-stress situations, and ride the rollercoaster that can sometimes be a feast or famine industry with high rates of mental health challenges. I have learned how to nurture solid self-esteem despite obstacles and how to relish the quieter career periods. These are experiences many people face to some degree or another regardless of their occupation and I love sharing the tools I have learned along the way and teaching clients how to enjoy riding the rollercoaster we call life!


I have been on a journey of discovery my whole life and consider it a passion. I started my ‘official’ training some 26 years ago when I completed the highly regarded Lifeline Counselling course. This ignited my interest in psychology and philosophy and helping others and I went on to devour courses, workshops, and books on the subjects and spent time volunteering, and assisting in the running of self-development retreats.

I became qualified as a Counsellor after completing my Diploma at the Australian College of Natural Medicine, now known as Endeavour College. After realising my true gift lay in motivating and inspiring others to move forward and live their best life, I decided to take my skill set to another level and become a Life Coach.


After training in London, England, and Sydney, Australia I became a qualified Life Coach.


I continue to further my training and self-development believing the journey never ends, it just gets better!

Are you ready to live the life of your dreams?

Cassandra Neish, Aspiring Fashion Designer 

"These 6 weeks have been the start of a realisation within myself and practically. Jennifer has guided and supported me every step of the way, she helped me face challenges and awakened my's been enlightening.”  

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